Tuesday, March 16, 2010


As promised, here's our first sneak peak at new products coming soon - this one is a line of standing and seated zombies, or ghouls if you prefer, that we will have for Halloween 2010. Expected arrival date on these is late July. First of all, let me say I was blown away when I saw these! They are full body, gruesome props - more blood and rotting flesh than you typically see in Halloween props, unless specifically made for the high-budget haunted houses. And the quality is fabulous!

There are two main styles for these ghouls - a standing version for women and men, and a seated version for both as well. Different head styles means there will be about 5 women and 3 men available in each configuration.

Both seated and standing have completely posable arms, hands, and fingers! Their fingers curl quite well around a small object, so they can easily hold something light. The only difference in seated or standing is that the legs are not bendable in the standing version. There is a solid rod that runs through the leg. Because the seated style does not have this, it cannot support it's own weight in a standing position.

But as you'll see in one pic, the seated ghoul can also be placed in a crawling position. He or she can also cross their legs. With a few of these, you can create almost any zombie scene imaginable! When I saw these, two zombie guys were seated at a bar holding a cigar, plastic gun, and a beer bottle.

These are amazing props - usually standing ghoul props have only their heads and arms visible, while their bodies are covered by clothing because their body consists only of a long pole and metal base. Not these guys and gals - full latex all around, so dress them as you please, no wires or poles to hide! Our expected retail price will be around $200 each.

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  1. That's totally wicked! My brothers would love to have that this Halloween.I'd recommend your site to my friends and brothers. They'd go mad with these creepy props. Thanks and more power to your site.

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