Tuesday, March 23, 2010


If you liked 2009's Rocking Granny, which was probably the hottest animated prop of the year, then you'll LOVE the expanded product line for 2010! We are expecting Creepy Cathy, Twitch, Buzz, Crotchety Grandpa and Twisted to arrive within the next month!

First up is Creepy Cathy. This little girl was definitely getting the most attention of everyone who walked by her at the tradeshow. Her face is very creepy, she pivots at the waist, and the screams and groans she makes caught everyone off-guard. I plan to take more photos and video of her when she arrives (very soon!). If memory serves me correctly, I'd estimate her height at around 4 feet.

Next up is Twitch.  Although this zombie has been ripped in half, he's not going down without a fight!  He moans and groans while lifting his head up and down and his spine wriggles back and forth... disgusting!  I apologize for the short video... I thought I got a better one, but for now this will have to do!  He does go on for quite a bit longer than shown and growls and groans throughout the whole movement.

Have you ever wanted a great electric chair prop, but at a reasonable price? Where let me introduce you to Buzz. He is a lifesize character, with excellent details - his eyes are bloodshot, his prison outfit is impeccable, and his sarcastic humor is a hit! He says a few phrases before and after the switch is thrown, during which he violently jerks back and forth in the chair.

Now we have Rocking Granny's hubby... Crotchety Grandpa. This is one ornery old man! He says some crotchety old man type phrases and like Granny, put him in your own rocking chair and he'll rock back and forth all night!

Lastly we have Twisted.  A gruesome gal if there ever was one!  While her head spins around, she moans and groans.  She's straight out of the Exorcist movie.

What I like most about these props is their quality. These are not made of plastic tubes and plastic gears that are prone to breaking easily - these are made of heavy duty steel parts. And the bodies are ALL latex, not just the head or hands, but all the way from head to toe... if they have a whole body of course! These are super reliable and will run for hours and hours without fail. We have all the confidence in the world with this line and we are very happy to be able to offer this to our customers.

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