Monday, March 29, 2010


Alright, it's time to take a look at a few of my favorite new masks that will be available for the 2010 Halloween season on our website at  I expect to see these coming in during mid June.  First up, and shown at the top of the page, is Mega Franky - an awesome full over the head latex mask that extends fully down onto the chest.  I absolutely love this mask!  The details are amazing - the jaw actually looks like steel.  The muscles and veins all over the creature look extremely realistic as well.  Definitely in my top five favorites for this year.

This old soul is called Wicce.  This is another superbly detailed mask with fine wrinkles, coloring, and I especially love the blind eyeball!  This ol' gal should give all the neighborhood trick-or-treaters the heebie jeebies!  I think this makes for a fantastic mask, but also for those of you who use masks for the heads of full-body props, this would make an incredible witch!  I can just picture her sitting at her cauldron stirring slowly... eye of newt, wing of bat... and just cackling the night away!

Now for you fans of clowns, or especially for those who hate clowns, I bring you Pennywise!  The classic killer clown that has scared both kids and adults for years!!  This clown will bring nightmares to life for both young and old.  Simple, yet oh so evil.  Again, nothing but the best painting details on these masks.  You can't go wrong with Pennywise!  Click here to see all of our Halloween masks.

Another mask that I was really impressed with is the Evil Scarecrow.  There aren't a lot of really good scarecrow masks on the market and I don't know why.  I think scarecrows in general are pretty creepy so why not take them one step further and really bring out the darkness within.  This particular scarecrow mask features a full latex hat with what appears to be a crow's skull on the front.  The eyes are rather unusual - sort of murky, but not blind... oh, definitely not blind.  This scarecrow is watching... and waiting.  Just dare to enter his fields and watch the terror unfold.  Another great mask that has potential as a prop head as well.  Truly terrifying!

And last, but not least, I have selected Fangs as a favorite.  How can you not love an evil creature with so many hideous teeth?  This is the type of beast you'll find hiding in the corners of your darkest dreams... or at the least in the darkest corners of a haunted house!  Sure to make them jump and scream, this is a finely crafted latex mask.  I really like the yellow eyes... very creepy. 

I hope you enjoyed a sneak peak into my favorite masks for 2010.  There will be many other new masks of course, but I wanted to highlight just a few here.  Hopefully these will be on our shelves in about 2 months, so please check back to the website very soon - Halloween Asylum!

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  1. Need to find a Christine O'Donnell mask- are you offering one?


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