Monday, June 27, 2011


I have to apologize... it's been several months since I posted anything new here. Admittedly I've been caught up in our facebook page. I find it so easy to post short daily updates there, post videos and pics of new products, and it also allows for quick feedback from our customers. But the blog does allow for more in depth posts, so here I am today... breathing new life into the Asylum blog!

2011 not only marks our 10 year anniversary in business, but it also marks our venturing into some exclusive products for Halloween Asylum and we're very excited about this! Our first line of exclusive items are a line of new Scary Babies! Coming in August will be our seven fiendishly-adorable babies that would just as soon bite your arm off as give you a hug! All of these little devils are made of latex and have a metal armature inside that allows them to be fully posable. You can have them sit, stand,  bend their arms, and turn their heads. You can even change their clothes to suit your taste.

The above shot is the whole gang! They will be up on our website later this week. We just got this photo from the factory a few days ago so you're seeing them almost as soon as we are. The clown (2nd from left) is undergoing some revision to make him creepier!

For more detail, you can see closeups of Carl Cadaver and Betty Bloodthirst. He looks pretty sweet in his bib overalls and dead-guy grey skin tone.  She is about as cute as a scary baby can be in her bloody lace dress with her hands and face smeared in her latest victim's blood!  Faces only a mother could love?  We don't think so!

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