Wednesday, April 8, 2009

New Animated Halloween Props for 2009

I am still in sneak preview mode and this week I have set up some short videos of some new animated Halloween props we'll have this year on our website at There will be more than these of course... this is just a sampling of some videos I took at a trade show earlier this year.

First up are two new motion-activated Face Ripper props. The first is a bride who pulls her lovely face off to reveal a bloody face with flashing eyes and she says -I'll make him suffer for what he did to me!

The second face ripper is a clown who after removing his face with his eyes flashing and laughing he says "I feel so much better without my makeup!" These are great animated props and will be priced at only $149.99.

Next up is an awesome prop that I just had to add to our selection - Rocking Grandma. Using your own rocking chair, you add Grandma into the seat and she'll make the chair rock back and forth. She's creepy looking and comes with a cd which plays in the background with her laughing and saying things like "you kids better get off my porch!" I'll think she'll be great fun to put out on Halloween night! This lovely ol' gal will retail at about $359.

Lastly are two more animated props shown in one video - Uncle Ralph and the Spinning Head Baby. Uncle Ralph is a great looking grave buster whose head rocks back and forth while he makes moaning sounds. The baby's head spins with flashing eyes and I believe it also makes crying noises. Uncle Ralph will retail around $239, while the baby will be $79.99.

We already have Grandma in stock. She is not on the website just yet, but will be shortly. The other props are expected to arrive June-August. I hope you enjoyed a look at some upcoming items. Be sure to stop by to check out our website at - thanks!

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